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Vintage Festoon Lighting with designer Edison & LED filament bulbs

Vintage Filament Festoon Lighting

The only thing we sell is vintage filament festoon lighting.
Some have Edison filaments, some with LED filaments – but all are beautiful.

Filamental Festoons was established to offer beautiful filament festoon lighting after its founder faced massive challenges our founder trying to source festoon lighting that combines energy efficiency with light quality. Filamental Festoon’s vintage festoon lighting is available in traditional Edison style filament or LED filament bulbs with a variety of different shapes for the glass shells & filaments. The LED vintage festoon lighting uses a very warm white (2200k) LED filament bulb for a beautiful warm & soft light just like old Edison bulbs. The festoon cabling itself is IP45 rated to protect against water ingress and is suitable for indoor / outdoor usage.

Whilst LED filament bulbs may be more expensive initially, they offer significant cost savings in usage costs (being typically 1/10th the cost to run) and substantially reduced maintenance costs (with the bulbs lasting up to 50 times longer than traditional bulbs).

Traditional Edison Bulbs

When energy usage is not a concern, then traditional Edison style bulbs offer the optimum in filament design. The quality of light they emit, even when dimmed, is superior to LED filament bulbs but they use up to 20 times the amount of energy, making them inappropriate for some commercial usage.
Warm, vintage LED bulbs in festoon lighting

LED filament bulbs

LED filament bulbs offer the best combination of reasonable purchase price, beautiful light experience and energy costs savings. But you need to know your LED colours – warm white doesn’t cut it. You need 2200k flame warm white or ultra warm whites!
Filamental Festoons - Festoon Lighting in traditional & LED bulbs

Edison style LED bulbs

Spiral LED filament bulbs are an exotic & expensive option that has become available recently. Whilst the general term is spiral, there are a variety of interesting shapes such as loops, double loops & corkscrews available offering the visual interest of the more ‘delicate’ incandescent filament bulbs.