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Vintage Festoon Lighting with designer Edison & LED filament bulbs

LED Festoon Lighting Shop

Filamental Festoons has changed the festoon cables & LED bulbs in our festoon lighting – and are waiting for our 2018 shipment to arrive. We now offer vintage filament LED bulb festoon lighting in two lengths – 10m (33ft) and 15m (48ft) but with the 15m (48ft) festoon cables capable of being connected to create 30m, 45m, 60m and even 75m lengths of a single plug. We will also be offering a cheap 15m / 15 socket small straight filament LED bulb (S14) festoon set.

We will only supply Edison filament bulb festoon lighting as special order now as our vintage LED bulbs look great and with their amazing energy savings, we want to ensure we are doing our bit to help the world by reducing energy consumption.