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Vintage Festoon Lighting with designer Edison & LED filament bulbs

We understand vintage bulbs

Jan-Erik Paul, Filamental Festoon's founder, has years of experience in the traditional and LED bulb sector. It was whilst working on energy efficient lighting apps that Jan-Erik noticed that whilst LED bulbs consumed less energy, they typically offered an inferior light quality compared to incandescent. Typically, 'warm whites' had a harsh, cold quality to them with light being emitted by unattractive LED elements. The challenge was on and JP began talking with suppliers about creating a new breed of vintage LED bulbs using LED filaments in interesting shapes that could be used in demanding architectural projects. Today, Filament Festoons offers vintage LED bulbs in variety of shapes for beautiful outdoor festoon lighting - with a bespoke range of festoon cabling due out shortly (in summer of 2017) based on 10m / 15m cables with 5m extensions to bulbs laid out at 1m intervals for a 10 bulb festoon cable with total length of 15m and a 15 bulbs festoon cable with a total length of 20m.

Filamental Festoons - Festoon Lighting in traditional & LED bulbs

Vintage Bulb Shapes

Filamental Festoons offers a huge variety of bulbs shapes including traditional bulb, pear, tube & large globe. When we put together our vintage festoon lighting sets, we choose a variety of different bulb shapes to enhance the vintage feel - with bulbs are available in clear or gold/amber tinted glass for LED bulbs.

Unique vintage filaments in incandescent & LED

The next stage of creating a unique vintage bulb focuses on the inside of the bulb - the filament. We offer traditional Edison style filaments but pride ourselves in our beautiful curved LED filaments. These come in spirals, loops, hoops & squirrel cage shapes, all available in a fantastically warm 2200k colour which is virtually indestinguishable from traditional Edison filaments.