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Vintage Festoon Lighting with designer Edison & LED filament bulbs


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Vintage Filament LED Bulbs Festoon Light – 10m


10m IP55 rated festoon lighting with 9 ultra-warm, spiral LED filament bulbs in 4 different vintage styles.

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NEW (In stock shortly) Our 10m ultra premium vintage filament LED bulb festoon lighting product is ideal for smaller businesses. The IP45 rated festoon lighting cable with 9 ultra-warm (2200k) spiral filament LED bulbs comes in a mixture of 4w looped, spiral & parallel vintage filament LED bulbs in 4 different shape / styles (S14, ST64, T45, S14, A60).

The shorter cable and super efficiency LED filament bulbs makes this vintage festoon cable perfect for smaller pubs, restaurants or shops with outdoor areas or for a unique shopfront feel. Commercially driven, Filamental Festoons achieve significant energy savings without compromising on the ‘filament’ feel for the unique, vintage look.

A festoon set of lights using 9 incandescent 60w bulbs cost 6p per hour to run with 6 hrs usage per night 365 days per year would costing £131. Using Filamental Festoons LED filament bulbs, the cost would be £8.70 (saving £122 per year!)

Length: 10 metres
Type of bulbs: Looped, spiral, hooped & parallel filament LED
Number of bulbs: 9
Colour: Ultra warm (2200k)
Bulb glass: Clear
Power consumption: 4w per bulb
Bulbs change/replacement: Yes
Usage: Outdoor/Indoor

Why is this filament festoon lighting set special?
The commercial benefits of using LED lighting are clear but when you can’t compromise on design, you need to go with the beauty of curved LED filaments with gold smoked glass. They are more expensive but represent the ultimate vintage lighting option for businesses.

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